Aerospace company Exquadrum has announced the signing of a lease with the option to buy with Stirling Development located at the Southern California Logistics Airport.

The agreement includes a 40,000 square-foot lease with an option to purchase the 66,000 square foot building located at SCLA in Victorville.

The SCLA location will be Exquadrum’s new corporate headquarters and house its engineering staff, business operations, fabrication/manufacturing, and laboratories.

Victor Valley College, which has signed a 10-year lease for approximately 26,000 square feet, will be a co-tenant in the building that will be used to establish a regional training center and potentially expand the college’s SCLA School of Aviation in the future.

In 2011, when the company needed to expand from its facility in Adelanto, Exquadrum leased nearly 1,900 square feet of office space from the City of Victorville’s on-airport facilities at SCLA.

In 2015, Exquadrum leased 3.5 acres for their FORGE facility to build a test facility. Four years later, Exquadrum’s growth prompted the company to lease additional office space at SCLA and an additional 3.5 acres to expand the facility.

“We are pleased to be able to share this space with VVC in support of the region’s training needs and the potential future expansion of the School of Aviation,” said Eric Schmidt, President of Exquadrum. “Education is vital to the growth of the Mojave River Valley and being able to provide this space for vocational education aligns with the values and principles upheld at Exquadrum.”

Kevin E. Mahaffy, CEO of Exquadrum, said the space will allow the company to house its local employees under one roof.

“With our rocket test facility, FORGE (Facility for Operations and Research for Game-Changing Experimentation), already at SCLA, it only made sense to locate our entire operation at SCLA,” Mahaffy said.

“As the Master Developer of SCLA, Stirling is pleased to be working with leading regional companies like Exquadrum to find real estate solutions for their business growth,” said Brian Parno, Stirling Development’s Chief Operating Officer in a news release. “We are excited to have them join the tenant base at SCLA and continue to create jobs in our region.”

In 2018, Exquadrum, Inc. was awarded a $15.1 million prime contract on the DARPA Operational Fires hypersonic weapons development contract.

“This contract has been a game-changer for Exquadrum and has allowed us to expand our staff — and now our facilities,” Schmidt said. “We are continuing to bid large projects and anticipate our staff and facility needs will continue to grow as we bring cutting-edge aerospace and commercial rocket contracts to the region.”

Exquadrum Inc. specializes in assembling and leading teams of in-house and associate personnel from around the world to overcome the most demanding technical challenges in order to design, build, and test highly effective systems.

The company has extensive experience in both the commercial and defense aerospace communities. Government customers include the United States Air Force, the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and others. For more information. visit