What is the Mojave River Valley?

From Barstow in the North, to Hesperia in the South, the Mojave River Valley is made of the beautiful desert communities adjacent to the Mojave River in Southern California.

Why the name change?

The Mojave River Valley is currently called by many different names, but it is most commonly called the “High Desert.” Unfortunately, the High Desert neither encapsulates the majesty of this beautiful region, nor distinguish it from other areas. Nearby regions like the Antelope Valley and Yucca Valley are also known as the High Desert, and it’s time that the Mojave River Valley communities truly stood apart.

Who is behind the Mojave River Valley alliance?

The name “Mojave River Valley” has actually been around since the early 1900s, but the most recent movement started in the mid-2010s by a group of community leaders dedicated to promoting not just the Mojave River Valley name, but sharing with the world its many wonders. Click here for a list of steering committee members.

What does the Mojave River Valley alliance seek to accomplish?

The overall mission of the Mojave River Valley Alliance is to share the beauty of the region far and wide. This effort comprises three elements: promoting the new regional brand locally, communicating this brand wherever possible to others outside the region, and creating common, regional activities that help cement our common identity.

Will Mojave River Valley replace other names, like Victor Valley?

No. Although the Mojave River Valley has its own unique identity and history, there are also many different identities that make up that wonderful mosaic. The history of the Victor Valley is separate from that of Barstow and other Mojave River Valley areas, but they are inextricably linked through geography and the shared history of its people.

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