From Barstow in the North, to Hesperia in the South, the Mojave River Valley is made of the beautiful desert communities adjacent to the Mojave River in Southern California.

Desert Vistas, Mountain Trails, and Open Space.

If you love the outdoors, the Mojave River Valley is for you. The world famous Pacific Crest Trail is minutes away. Within an hour, residents can enjoy skiing at several area resorts. And the Mojave River Valley is a mecca for off road enthusiasts. There is something for everyone.

A Great Place to Raise a Family.

Clean air and tight-knit communities are just two of the things that make the Mojave River Valley an ideal location to raise a family. The Mojave River Valley boasts small class sizes and safe schools, as well as STEM programs that are gearing students for jobs in the growing aerospace and logistics industries.

The Next Frontier of Economic Growth.

With hundreds of thousands of acres of developable open space and the innovative spirit to support expansion, the Mojave River Valley is poised for job growth well into the future. From the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, to aerospace innovators like General Atomics and others, the region is continuing to attract job creators who see this region as the next area of Southern California’s economic growth.

A More Relaxing Way of Life.

Imagine getting where you want to within minutes when driving in the Mojave River Valley. While the region is more affordable in many ways, the improved quality of life from a more relaxed state of mind is priceless.